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Tue, June 27, 2017
Bikes at the Beach
Come see the magnificent display of motorcycles
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Tue, June 27, 2017
Farmers' Market
A farmers' market every Tuesday 9-5 by
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Thu, June 29, 2017
Classic Car Cruise
Featuring the best classic cars in central
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Sat, July 01, 2017
9th Annual "Chalk the Walk"
The Beach's version of an Italian sidewalk
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Tue, July 04, 2017
Bikes at the Beach
Come see the magnificent display of motorcycles
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Tue, July 04, 2017
Farmers' Market
A farmers' market every Tuesday 9-5 by
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 Our Entertainment 
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** after the event title indicates dinner theater
Location Date Day Band or Event Time
Harpoon Eddies06/27/17 TuesdayBig D Orchestra6 PM
Harpoon Eddies06/28/17 WednesdayMark Macri6 PM
Harpoon Eddies06/29/17 ThursdayEast Shore All Stars7:30 PM
Harpoon Eddies06/30/17 FridayRon Spencer Band7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/01/17 SaturdayPaul Case Band2 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/01/17 SaturdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/02/17 SundayClassified2 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/03/17 MondayJon Liebing7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/04/17 TuesdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/05/17 WednesdayRhapsody7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/06/17 ThursdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/07/17 FridayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/08/17 SaturdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/09/17 SundayPaul Case Band2 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/10/17 MondayMark Macri6 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/11/17 TuesdaySteve Quenneville & Dave Liddy6 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/12/17 WednesdayBig D Orchestra6 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/13/17 ThursdayEast Shore All Stars7:30 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/14/17 FridayGary Johnson7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/15/17 SaturdayPlaying Again7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/16/17 SundayGroupo Pagan2 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/17/17 MondayShawn Smith6 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/18/17 TuesdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/19/17 WednesdayBruce Tetley6 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/20/17 ThursdayEast Shore All Stars7:30 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/21/17 FridayMoss Back Mule Band7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/22/17 SaturdayFabulous Ripcords7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/23/17 SundayMark Macri & Trainwreck2 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/24/17 MondayChilled6 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/25/17 TuesdayPaul Case Solo6 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/26/17 WednesdayIrv Lyons6 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/27/17 ThursdayEast Shore All Stars7:30 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/28/17 FridayRick Kimball & Lisa Murphy7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/29/17 SaturdayShowtime7 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/30/17 SundayRon Spencer Band2 PM
Harpoon Eddies07/31/17 MondayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/01/17 TuesdayMark Macri6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/02/17 WednesdayChilled6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/03/17 ThursdayEast Shore All Stars7:30 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/04/17 FridayDVD (The Band)7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/05/17 SaturdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/06/17 SundayShowtime Blues Trio2 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/07/17 MondaySteve Quenneville & Dave Liddy6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/08/17 TuesdayRhapsody6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/09/17 WednesdayShawn Smith6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/10/17 ThursdayEast Shore All Stars7:30 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/11/17 FridayMatt Beadle Trio7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/12/17 SaturdayPaul Case Solo7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/13/17 SundayGroupo Pagan2 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/14/17 MondayBruce Tetley6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/15/17 TuesdayJon Liebing6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/16/17 WednesdayIrv Lyons6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/17/17 ThursdayEast Shore All Stars7:30 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/18/17 FridayBig D Orchestra7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/19/17 SaturdayPlaying Again7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/20/17 SundayMark Macri & Trainwreck2 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/21/17 MondayPaul Case Solo6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/22/17 TuesdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/23/17 WednesdaySteve Lauretti6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/24/17 ThursdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/25/17 FridayRick Kimball & Lisa Murphy7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/26/17 SaturdayRon Spencer Band7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/27/17 SundayFabulous Ripcords2 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/28/17 MondayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/29/17 TuesdayTBA7 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/30/17 WednesdayChilled6 PM
Harpoon Eddies08/31/17 ThursdayTBA7 PM
Sunset Grill06/29/17 ThursdayThe Other Guise
Sunset Grill06/30/17 FridayHomely Jones
Sunset Grill07/01/17 SaturdayStan Premo Project
Sunset Grill07/06/17 ThursdayTBA
Sunset Grill07/07/17 FridayTBA
Sunset Grill07/08/17 SaturdayCareless Combo
Sunset Grill07/13/17 ThursdayThe Other Guise
Sunset Grill07/14/17 FridayThe Bis Easy
Sunset Grill07/15/17 SaturdayPsychometrics
Sunset Grill07/20/17 ThursdayDave & Brian
Sunset Grill07/21/17 FridayWalrus
Sunset Grill07/22/17 SaturdayMorris & the Hep Cats
Sunset Grill07/27/17 ThursdayThe Other Guise
Sunset Grill07/28/17 FridayDave & Cato
Sunset Grill07/29/17 SaturdayTBA
Sunset Grill08/03/17 ThursdayLAD Trio
Sunset Grill08/04/17 FridayDoug & Dave
Sunset Grill08/05/17 SaturdayStan Premo Project
Sunset Grill08/10/17 ThursdayThe Other Guise
Sunset Grill08/11/17 FridayDoug & Dave
Sunset Grill08/12/17 SaturdayThe Bis Easy
Sunset Grill08/17/17 ThursdayTBA
Sunset Grill08/18/17 FridayPsychometrics
Sunset Grill08/19/17 SaturdayWalrus
Sunset Grill08/24/17 ThursdayThe Other Guise
Sunset Grill08/25/17 FridayCareless Combo
Sunset Grill08/26/17 SaturdayTeachers Reunion
Sunset Grill08/31/17 ThursdayLiz & Matt
Sunset Grill09/01/17 FridayLiz & Friends
Sunset Grill09/02/17 SaturdayPsychometrics
Sunset Grill09/09/17 SaturdayTone Element
Sunset Grill09/30/17 SaturdayDave & Cato
Sunset Grill10/28/17 SaturdayHalloween Bash w/ Stan Premo Project
Village Bandstand07/05/17 WednesdayMatt Chase & Thunder Canyon7 PM
Village Bandstand07/12/17 WednesdayFritz's Polka Band7 PM
Village Bandstand07/19/17 WednesdayGary Johnson7 PM
Village Bandstand07/26/17 WednesdayTJ Sacco Band7 PM
Village Bandstand08/02/17 WednesdayEasy Money Big Band7 PM
Village Bandstand08/09/17 WednesdayMoss Back Mule Band7 PM
Village Bandstand08/16/17 WednesdayFulton Chain Gang7 PM
Village Bandstand08/24/17 ThursdayOpus Black String Quartet7 PM